Programmatic Digital

Why Programmatic Digital with Ronk Communications?

Ronk Communications utilizes an agonistic DSP (demand-side platform) and ad tech software system, which grants our digital clients access to 44 exchanges, including Google.

We do not recommend our clients to only use GDN (Google Display Network) as this gives businesses access to one single exchange, which restricts inventory access (think about fishing in only one pond every summer).

Ronk Communications ensures brand safety with all of our customers’ digital campaigns. If a company is restricting their inventory to only one exchange source, that campaign will be inherently more prone to lower-quality sites, inventory and fraud (look for spikes in delivery at odd times of the day on unfamiliar sites).

With more inventory options from Ronk Communications, your business will receive greater control on higher quality sites, resulting in higher performance with real customers.

Our digital clients have access to an exclusive client dashboard that’s updated in real-time. Our clients receive transparency reporting with top zip codes, domains (sites and apps), exchanges and creatives.

For example, we pulled a geo report for a boat dealer customer and they discovered one of their top zip codes was near a Wyoming lake that had no access to their types of boats they were selling (can you say, jackpot)!

Ronk Communications offers cross-channel reporting with one-to-one contact, collaboration, service and support. If there is an ad exchange or domain that is performing poorly, we adjust it accordingly in real-time.

If you’re secretly wondering, what is Programmatic (you’re not alone), here’s the skinny:

On average, Ronk Communications digital customers’ will appear on over 8,000 sites and apps in one week! Now, if we were to individually negotiate your ads to appear on over 8,000 applications, we could need a lot of telephones, people and years – programmatic allows us to tell the software who you want to target in what area of the world, whether it’s a DMA, zip code, county or radius from a central point and deliver your message to that identified customer.

So, instead of turning on the radio and television set in hopes that the right audience is watching a program at the exact time your ad airs, your message is being delivered to the specific customer at the right time, no matter what website or podcast or channel they are consuming. Programmatic buying is more efficient, affordable and trackable!

Ronk Communications provides all of our digital customers with an universal pixel to place across all pages of their site, creating audience pools to tap into for years to come.

Ronk Communications delivers trackable results for our programmatic digital customers:

Digital Services & Client Case Studies:

  1. Desktop & Mobile Display, Retargeting Ads and Hyperlocal Ads (geofencing), including Behavioral, Demographic and Contextual targeting:

    Over three weeks, our summer art fest customer received: 1,057,410 impressions with 3,148 conversionsand 854 clicks to their site at a $1.75 cost-per-acquisition (CPA). Their artisans that traveled across the country for the weekend show were satisfied and the show promoter was over the moon!

    Desktop and mobile display ad creatives sizes:
    320 x 480, 300 x 250, 160 x 600, 300 x 600, 320 x 50, 728 x 90, 300 x 50, and 970 x 250
    **file size limit is: 200kb.

  1. Audio Streaming & Retargeting Ads, including Spotify, Pandora, Individual Streaming Stations, Audiobooks and CTV Audio:

    In three weeks, our online university client received: 225,449 behavioral targeted impressions with 359 clicks to their enrollment page.

    Audio Streaming Creatives:
    15-second, :30-second or :60-second audio (:15-seconds preferred).

  1. OTT (Over-the-top) & CTV (Connected-TV), including private CTV deals with Sling Sports, Hulu, CNN, FOX and Amazon Prime:

    Over three weeks, our iconic Colorado event client received: 189,974 completed views (that’s correct, 100% completed views) with 1,219 view conversions!

  1. OLV (Online Video Ads) across 44 exchanges:

    Over 2.5 weeks, our boat show customer received: 295,355 online video impressions across targeted sites with 328 clicks to their ticketing page, which resulted in an increase in attendance.

  1. Digital Out-of-Home, including digital bulletins and digital screens located in transit stations, airports, gyms, grocery stores, schools, office buildings, hotels, gas stations, sporting venues, ride shares and taxis and high-traffic retail outlets.

    In two weeks, our rodeo event received: 240,405 impressions on key digital boards in high-traffic areas (at a $6 CPM).

  1. E-newsletter Ads

    In three weeks, Colorado’s largest attended event generated: 8,623 total conversions and 682,578 total impressions on high-profile newsletters like People, New York Times and The Washington Post!

Everyone is selling digital, but who is actually managing your digital campaigns?
We encourage our current and potential digital customers to ask these questions:

  1. What ad technology are you using to execute your digital campaign?
  2. Do you own an ad tech software license?
  3. Do you have access to private-marketplace inventory? If so, how many exchanges?
  4. Do you offer cross-channel automation?
  5. Can creative one universal report, which includes Facebook, Instagram, TikToc, Google Ads, desktop and mobile display ads, OTT/CTV, audio streaming, digital out-of-home?
  6. What are the estimated CPMs?

There are a shocking number of digital agencies that outsource the digital campaigns to another source (someone like, Ronk Communications), so by the time your marketing dollar hits the platform, your dollar has been trimmed down to a fifty-cent piece (or even a quarter).